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WK11   Ahi Tuna Steak with Side
WK18   Angel Hair with choice of sauce
WS13   Apple Pie
SH08   Asian Pasta Salad (1/2 lb)
DL45   Aulani Resort Delivery (Pay Driver Directly)
WK36   Avocado Wrap
WK24   Baguette
WK37   Beef Burger with Fries
WS12   Boston Cream Pie
WK08   Breaded Schnitzel with Side
ECBC   Breakfast Cold Tray (Economy)
FCBC   Breakfast Cold Tray (First)
ECBH   Breakfast Hot Item (Economy)
FCBH   Breakfast Hot Item (First)
WK85   Breakfast Menu
WK14   Broccoli Potato Knish
WS14   Brownies
SH04   Challah Roll
WK32   Chicken Avocado on French Baguette
WK35   Chicken Avocado Wrap
WK19   Chicken Soup (24oz)
WS11   Cole Slaw (1/2 lb)
SH09   Corn Salad (1/2 lb)
WS02   Corned Beef (1/2 lb)
WK25   Corned Beef on French Baguette
CST   Custom Price
WS09   Egg Salad (1/2 lb)
WK67   French Baguette
SH22   French Roast with Side
WK01   French Roast with Side
WS06   Fresh Tossed Salad
WK38   Garden Burger with Fries
SH10   Gefilte Fish Loaf
SH01   Grape Juice
WK29   Grilled Chicken on French Baguette
SH21   Grilled Chicken with Side
WK07   Grilled Chicken with Side
WK52   Hamburger Bun
DL30   Honolulu Airport Delivery
WS16   Hummus (1/2 lb)
WK94   Individual Desserts
WK30   Israeli Salad (1/2 lb)
SH18   Italian Lemon Chicken with Side
DL20   Kahala Delivery
DL40   Ko Olina Resort Delivery (Pay Driver Directly)
SH06   Large Challah
SH24   Lemon Pie
SH15   Lokshon Kugel
ECLDC   Lunch/Dinner Cold Tray (Economy)
FCLDC   Lunch/Dinner Cold Tray (First)
ECLDH   Lunch/Dinner Hot Item (Economy)
FCLDH   Lunch/Dinner Hot Tray (First)
WS58   Mashed Potatoes
SH23   Meat Loaf with Side
SH05   Medium Challah
SH03   Mini Challah Rolls
SH87   Moscato D'Asti Wine (750ml)
WK13   Mushroom Potato Knish
DL60   Neighbor Island Delivery (1-9 Items)
DL75   Neighbor Island Delivery (10+ Items)
SH25   Non-Dairy Cheesecake
SH13   Olive Dip (1/2 lb)
WS04   Oven Roast Turkey (1/2 lb)
WK17   Penne with choice of sauce
WK12   Potato Knish
SH14   Potato Kugel
WS10   Potato Salad (1/2 lb)
SH07   Red Cabbage Salad (1/2 lb)
WK02   Ribeye Steak with Side
WS55   Rice
WS57   Roast Potatoes
SH19   Roasted Chicken with Side
WK05   Roasted Chicken with Side
WS05   Salami (1/2 lb)
WK27   Salami on French Baguette
WK34   Salami Wrap
SH12   Salmon Fillet with Sauce
WK10   Salmon Fillet with Side
SH17   Sauteed Vegetables
WS56   Sauteed Vegetables
WK31   Schnitzel on French Baguette
SH20   Schnitzel with Side
WK04   Sesame Chicken with Side
WK33   Sliced Turkey Wrap
SH11   Smoked Salmon
WS03   Smoked Turkey (1/2 lb)
WK28   Smoked Turkey on French Baguette
ECS   Snack Tray (Economy)
FCS   Snack Tray (First)
WK16   Spaghetti with choice of sauce
SH02   Sparkling Grape Juice
WK15   Spinach Onion Garlic Potato Knish
WK06   Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken with Side
WK03   Sweet 'n' Sour Meatballs with Spaghetti
SH16   Sweet Potatoe Pie
WS08   Tuna Salad (1/2 lb)
DL65   Turtle Bay Resort Delivery (Pay Driver Directly)
WK20   Vegetable Minestrone Soup (24oz)
DL10   Waikiki Delivery

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